Lead Positive®

There comes a time in a more human leadership journey where something radically changes. Everything may seem okay on the surface, but there is a strong desire in you to move beyond the status quo. You just know there are better ways to solve the problems and counter the challenges facing your business.

About Lead Positive®

You begin to see a new possibility, a new goal, or a new game-changing vision for your group or organization. You sense the imperative for a change that is connected to deeply held values and beliefs and personal aspirations.

You feel compelled to act, and make the critical transition from personal ambition, the “I”, to a leadership journey focused on the “We”, realizing the power of a united team rallied around a single Mighty Cause as a pathway to positive change in the organization as well as of amazing personal growth for the leader.

You’re at a critical crossroad. Are you ready for this heroic call to great leadership?

Lead Positive® Materials

Dr. Kathy Cramer’s mindset management process is applied to enhance people’s work and personal lives through books, signature services, workshops and more.

Lead Positive® Videos

Get a glimpse of what the Leader’s Heroic Journey is all about. In less than two minutes, this video will stir your imagination. And your desire to learn more.

Lead Positive® Services

True leadership mastery is shown by the outcomes you achieve, not just the methods you use to get there. Begin by identifying outcomes and you’ll create a “True North” for yourself — your essential objective. You can then achieve your objective using the strategies and tools provided by our services.

Lead Positive® Book

Lead Positive® Book

The groundbreaking best-seller catching fire with leaders globally, launching them on heroic journeys. The book is packed with practical, actionable techniques for helping leaders reach new heights of effectiveness in managing change, identifying moonshots and inspiring teams.