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Learn to Lead Positive®

People follow people, not just great ideas. That is why when the leader sees more possibilities than problems, says more about “why” than “what” and ”how,” and does the courageous thing rather than staying in the comfort zone, others will be genuinely inspired to do the same.

“When a person leads positive its all about becoming a magnetic, compelling force for positive change.”
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Learn to Lead Positive® Services

Based on 30 years of guiding executives and senior leaders as well as developing high-potential leaders, Lead Positive® services show leaders how to operate in in the upper ranges of their potential and how to inspire others to do the same.

Lead Positive®: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say, and Do

Motivate others to embrace and drive positive change. Become more skillful in fostering high-performance teams. Harness the power of Asset-Based Thinking®, shifting your perspective to the positive and focusing on what is working, strong and possible. Excel as a leader in all you see, say, and do.

Power and Presence I

Imagine making engaging and motivational presentations: the kind people keep talking about. Practice highly effective presentation strategies — ones also used by great orators and actors. Discover how to move an audience to action. Be inspirational. Change minds and hearts by using the Substance-Sizzle-Soul framework.

Power and Presence II

This program builds on the presentation skills acquired in Power and Presence, with a detailed, more specific focus on honing your personal strengths as a compelling communicator. In this full immersion experiential workshop, you will learn how to take your “Stage Presence” to a new more dynamic level and inspire audiences with stories that stick.

Custom Workshops

True mastery is shown by the outcomes you achieve, and the methods you use to get there. Begin by identifying outcomes and you’ll create a “True North” for our customized workshops. You can then achieve your objective using the strategies and tools provided by our immersive, experiential, high-impact workshops. Our outcome-based workshops can be tailored for organizations, teams, and groups of all sizes.


360° Feedback Assessment

Recommended as a launch for the coaching relationship, the 360° Assessment uncovers areas in which executives excel and add value, as well as areas for development. The result: customized, actionable plans for greater effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one, confidential, customized support to key senior leaders. Address your organization’s unique challenges. Discover your Signature Strengths and how to leverage them. Become more influential with key stakeholders and learn to make the impact you desire.

The Leader's Heroic Journey

Navigating Your Heroic Journey: Say “Yes” To Your Epic Leadership Adventure

Leaders must be willing to embark on heroic levels of adventure if they are to make significant positive change in an upside down world that demands organizational transformation, innovation and culture change. The Heroic Journey for Leaders can be an internal development process that yields significant results in the external world. Learn how your leadership journey can be elevated using parallels to the classic patterns of the Heroic Journey. From hearing “The Call” to making the victorious “Return Home,” discover how you can navigate your path forward from beginning to end.

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The Cramer Institute

The Cramer Institute is a team of highly experienced professionals in leadership consulting and development, each with a passion for awakening individuals to reach their highest potential. We work with executives, managers, teams and entire organizations to transform the way they think, communicate and work, yielding improvements in collaboration, productivity, innovation and customer loyalty.