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Become a Certified Trainer

Organizations need to equip professionals who develop leaders and teams with the specialized strategies and tools the Asset-Based Thinking® and Lead Positive® programs offer. Only by unleashing potential in others, can we turn possibilities into reality.

“We believe Lead Positive® can help somebody move from being a more self-centered achiever to somebody who is really capable of collaborating – bringing people from diverse points of view together.”
We have the right solution for you.

How the Certification Process Works

Our Train the Trainer option allows you to build a positive culture of high engagement and leadership excellence by using your own leadership professionals and talent management experts. We also offer a certification process to our peers who are consultants and coaches in the field of leadership development and positive organizational transformations.


Change the Way You See Everything: Through Asset-Based Thinking® Certification

Become certified to teach this positive mindset management program that enables you and your team to achieve and sustain the confidence, optimism, and resilience necessary for staying on top in your industry. You will learn how to ensure that participants leave this one-of-a-kind workshop experience knowing how to:

• Zero in on your strengths more than your weaknesses
• Focus on opportunities rather than problems
• See what can be done instead of what can’t
• Communicate to foster, not splinter, relationships

Lead Positive: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say, and Do Certification

Become certified to teach others how to embrace and drive positive change and become more skillful in fostering high-performance teams. Harness the power of Asset-Based Thinking®, shifting their perspective to the positive and focusing on what is working, strong and possible. You will learn how to ensure that participants leave this workshop experience with tools to excel as a leader in all they see, say, and do.

The Certification Process

The easiest and most cost-effective way to bring Asset-Based Thinking® and Lead Positive® skills into your organization or consultancy is to become certified as an on-site facilitator and coach via our Train-the-Trainer process. Here is how the process works:

  1. You select one of our signature Train-the-Trainer programs and attend that program as a participant. This allows you to have a first-hand experience of learning the specific strategies you will eventually teach to others. You will also have a chance to practice the strategies in your own approaches to work and personal life.
  2. We match you with a master trainer from The Cramer Institute team who specializes in the specific signature program you seek to teach. Your master trainer will help you tailor the program to your unique needs.
  3. You receive hands-on training in how to facilitate live and on-line workshops and coach individuals in acquiring the specific skills you seek to teach. The training process involves learning the core curriculum of the specific signature program you have selected. It also involves gaining a deeper understanding of the principles and practices you will teach through trainer’s notes, white papers, relevant articles and debrief discussions with your Cramer Institute master trainer.
  4. You plan and deliver the Asset-Based Thinking® or Lead Positive® program you have selected to an audience of your choice. Your Cramer Institute master trainer will observe, provide feedback, and then recommend what is required for certification.
  5. Your organization will receive an exclusive license to offer the programs you are certified to deliver. You will receive participant materials, PowerPoint slides and other support material consistent with the roll-out plan you have created.
  6. Group certification for multiple trainers in your organization are also available.

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The Cramer Institute is a team of highly experienced professionals in leadership consulting and development, each with a passion for awakening individuals to reach their highest potential. We work with executives, managers, teams and entire organizations to transform the way they think, communicate and work, yielding improvements in collaboration, productivity, innovation and customer loyalty.