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Through Dr. Kathy Cramer’s books, videos, interviews and more, The Cramer Institute continues to shares her understanding, advocacy and passion for positive leadership.

Shift Your Leadership With Our New 3-Day Workshops

What a time we live in! Some days, the leadership opportunities feel so exciting that you can’t wait to get out of bed and seize them. Other days, it feels more like this:     In today’s volatile business environment, you as a leader are being confronted with a storm of unceasing challenges: radical change, competitive...


In Search of Onsite Leadership Training?

Need a leadership development event for your next management offsite or in-house leader team meeting? We are proud to announce the latest tool in our leadership training arsenal, the Heroic Journey Leadership Experience! The Cramer Institute has partnered with CPG, a member of the Nitrous Effect Agency, to bring our very successful Heroic Journey workshops to...


Shifting From Threat To Challenge

Way back in February 2016, Kathy wrote a blog post called, “Is Workplace Trauma The Key To Success?” about how we can turn tragedy into doable challenges that move us forward. She wrote: Your greatest power in the face of adversity is your power to choose how you will react—that’s where Asset-Based Thinking comes in....


Yes, And Now What?

February 1, 2017 - Read Blog Posts

As we at The Cramer Institute move forward after the passing of Dr. Kathy Cramer, I want to share some of her Asset-Based Thinking inspiration that we are drawing upon. About a year ago, Kathy started a new book: Staying on Top When Your Health Turns Upside Down: How to Navigate the Heroic Journey Back...


My Thanksgiving Wish for You

This is my first time posting so let me introduce myself. I’m John Davis, Managing Partner of The Cramer Institute and Kathy’s husband — now widower. This is also the first time I have ever spent Thanksgiving by myself — as in alone with no one else here. (Well, the puppies are here.) I am...


Rest In Peace, Dr. Kathy Cramer

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Dr. Kathy Cramer passed away on July 13, 2016, due to complications of cancer. Kathy was diagnosed with cancer in early 2015 but she chose to keep that information private. She seemed to be making progress with her health until relatively recently. With typical enthusiasm...


It’s About Who You Are, Not Where You’re Located (More Tips On Leading Positive from Erica Ariel Fox)

Erica Ariel Fox learned the hard way that her life’s work (using ancient wisdom traditions to help business executives be better leaders) and her platform (as Director of Harvard’s Negotiation Insight Initiative (HNII) were two separate things. When HNII came to an end, she had to rebuild her sense of self and mission. And so...


Investing In Your Leadership Capability (And Other Ways to Lead Positive)

Harvard Law professor, Mobius Executive Leadership Co-Founder, and best-selling author Erica Ariel Fox stands at the intersection of mindfulness, wisdom traditions, and philosophy and contemporary leadership. Today I published Part 1 of my Lead Positive Profile with Erica Ariel Fox on my Psychology Today blog. In the profile, she explains that she sees her role as translator, offering...