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Our Signature Programs

The Cramer Institute is a team of highly experienced professionals in leadership consulting and development, each with a passion for awakening individuals to reach their highest potential.

The knowledge, experience and core competencies of The Cramer Institute team leads individuals, teams and organizations to their next, best level through our signature programs.


Power & Presence

In this hands-on interactive workshop, you will learn how to move an audience to action, how to be inspirational and motivational, how to express yourself in a way that changes the mind and hearts of those you address.


Lead Positive®

Imagine having unshakeable self-confidence, unwavering optimism and exceptional personal magnetism. What if you were able to powerfully motivate others to embrace and even drive change? What if you knew how to create a highly engaged culture? Lead Positive® can give you these skills and more.


Executive Coaching / 360 Assessments

The success of an organization is intrinsically tied to the success of its people. And the success of its people is intrinsically tied to the quality of executive leadership. Through a TCI Executive Coaching engagement, executives become more conscious of their leadership and can focus on moving themselves to their next levels of functioning.


Ready For What’s Next

Are you preparing to enter a new phase of your life? Are you in transition right now?

No matter when your next phase may start or what it may be, you can renew and reinvent your life if you are willing to give yourself the gift of reflection, discovery and inspired action. That’s the promise of “Ready For What’s Next”.


Courageous Conversations®

Identify and manage barriers to individual and organizational success. Learn the essential steps that facilitate open communication about difficult subjects. Create conditions for better decision-making, collaborative teamwork and corporate cultures strengthened from the core.


The Leader’s Heroic Journey Experience

Using Joseph Campbell’s heroic journey framework, this leadership program is a transformative experience that engages your leaders, identifies their personal goals, provides a path to achieving those goals and ultimately impacts the organization’s bottom line.


Asset-Based Thinking®– The Essentials

This positive mindset management program enables you and your team to achieve and sustain the confidence, optimism, and resilience necessary for staying on top in your industry.