The Leader’s Heroic Journey Experience

Using Joseph Cambell’s heroic journey framework, this interactive leadership program is a half-day, transformative experience that engages your leaders, identifies their personal goals, provides a path to victory and ultimately impacts the organizations’ bottom line.

The Experience

The Cramer Institute has partnered with CPG to bring our signature leadership program, Lead Positive, to life via an extraordinary live experience and in-depth workshop.

This live experience gathers your leaders together for an interactive workshop that includes a customized playbook, engaging media and interactive coaching to unlock each leader’s potential and outline their goals and narrative based on the six phases of the heroic journey: The Call, The Resistance, The Threshold Crossing, The Journey, The Supreme Ordeal, and The Return Home.

Who should participate?

Invite all the people leaders in your organization. The experience is designed for up to 100 participants to ensure an intimate, interactive experience.


  • Identify participants’ key leadership goals (their moonshot) for the short and longer term.
  • Leverage individual and team member insights to recognize and navigate potential pitfalls.
  • Develop an overarching narrative to guide individual leadership development.
  • Create transformative change in the individual leader and their organization.
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Learn more about the Leader’s Heroic Journey Experience as John Davis, Managing Partner at the Cramer Institute, and Fred Bendaña, Senior Vice President, CPG, introduce the new interactive leadership program.