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Investing In Your Leadership Capability (And Other Ways to Lead Positive)

Erica_Ariel_fox_267Harvard Law professor, Mobius Executive Leadership Co-Founder, and best-selling author Erica Ariel Fox stands at the intersection of mindfulness, wisdom traditions, and philosophy and contemporary leadership.

Today I published Part 1 of my Lead Positive Profile with Erica Ariel Fox on my Psychology Today blog. In the profile, she explains that she sees her role as translator, offering personal development insights from a range of wisdom traditions in a language that resonates with senior executives and helps them to find the core qualities of leadership within themselves.

Here are some of the most inspirational quotes from her interview. For the full read, please go here.

On her role as translator:

There’s an incredible wealth of wisdom in the personal development world but those two worlds [business and personal development] really don’t meet.

On what it takes to stay on top in a VUCA world:

In a world that is re-inventing itself, you can’t stand still. You need to re-invent yourself, too. Otherwise you’ll get left behind. If you invest in your capability as a leader, dig deep and find resources for flexibility, adaptability, and balance that you’ll need to succeed in the new world.

And the key is that the fundamental resource that you can count on, that you’re going to have to draw on, lives inside of you. It’s your capacity, your inner wisdom, your inner source for making wise decisions in a very uncertain, constantly changing, ambiguous environment.

On living her mighty cause:

I’m one of many people doing something that I do think is quite important and I do think I’m good at it and I’m very able to help people. But at that time I think I felt like I am THE person to do this and that wasn’t entirely healthy… I have much more humility now.

To read the full interview with Erica Ariel Fox, please visit my blog on Psychology Today. You can also follow her on Twitter @ericaarielfox.

Dr. Kathy Cramer

Kathryn D. Cramer, PH.D.
Founder and Managing Partner, The Cramer Institute