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In Search of Onsite Leadership Training?

Need a leadership development event for your next management offsite or in-house leader team meeting?

We are proud to announce the latest tool in our leadership training arsenal, the Heroic Journey Leadership Experience! The Cramer Institute has partnered with CPG, a member of the Nitrous Effect Agency, to bring our very successful Heroic Journey workshops to all your leaders wherever you are!

The Heroic Journey Leadership Experience is a half-day program that engages your leaders, identifies their key leadership agendas or goals, provides a path to create success and, ultimately, impact the organization’s bottom line. We use the six phases of Joseph Campbell’s heroic journey framework—The Call, The Resistance, The Threshold Crossing, The Journey, The Supreme Ordeal, and The Return Home—to show your leaders how they can embark upon a journey of creating a better world for their teams and for the entire organization.

We gather your leaders for an interactive workshop that includes a customized playbook, engaging media, and a process that results in a compelling narrative to unlock each leader’s potential and outline their goals for transformational change.

The experience is designed for up to 100 participants to ensure an intimate, interactive session that:

  • Identifies participant’s key leadership goals (their “moonshot”) for the short and longer term
  • Leverages individual and team member insights to recognize and navigate potential pitfalls
  • Develops an overarching narrative to guide individual leadership development
    Creates transformative change in the individual leader and throughout the organization

Want to learn more?

Contact TCI Senior Partner Judy Dubin at or 314.725.0500.

Or you can listen to the podcast I did with Fred Bendaña of CPG, the corporate event planning agency we are working with, for the Nitrous Effect.

And if the Heroic Journey Leadership Experience is not for you, please pass on this info to your colleagues whose organizations could benefit from this unique new leadership training program.