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Shift Your Leadership With Our New 3-Day Workshops

What a time we live in! Some days, the leadership opportunities feel so exciting that you can’t wait to get out of bed and seize them.

Other days, it feels more like this:



In today’s volatile business environment, you as a leader are being confronted with a storm of unceasing challenges: radical change, competitive innovation, mergers, and overwhelmed employees, to name a few. You probably sense that you need to be a game-changer.

You are right.

To see the opportunity inherent in all this change—and to take advantage of it—you need to bring out the best in yourself and your organization. You need to SHIFT.

Announcing NEW 3-Day Leadership Workshops

You are invited to one of our limited-size workshops where leaders will learn to SHIFT what they SEE, what they SAY, and what they DO. Time and time again, the results have been startling.

SHIFT TO SOAR. Imagine having unshakeable self-confidence, unwavering optimism and exceptional personal magnetism. Imagine Leadership Olympics where you participate at the upper limit of your potential, proving yourself strong and courageous. That’s what happens by applying the tools of Asset-Based Thinking™ you will learn in this Lead Positive workshop. In other words, you will learn how to “think about your thinking” and by shifting perception, you will learn what’s positive and strong in yourself, in others and in every situation. It’s a game-changer—for individuals and organizations.

SHIFT TO MASTER. What if you were able to powerfully motivate others to embrace and even drive change? What if you knew exactly how to create a highly engaged culture? Imagine making inspiring presentations, the kind people keep talking about. Imagine fostering top performing teams and developing strong leaders within them who can take on the toughest workplace challenges. In this Lead Positive workshop, we will help you master these leadership skills so you can push the boundaries of what’s next for your organization.

LIMITED SIZE. Leaders can choose from two workshop formats:

  1. Come together with a group of up to 12 leaders from a variety of organizations. You will enjoy a rich, diverse learning experience as you interact with high-performing leaders facing different (and possibly some of the same!) organizational challenges.
  2. Gather 6 to 12 leaders from your own organization to learn together and work on the biggest challenges you face and that will propel your organization forward.

The investment is $5,000 per person and, in addition to the the three-day action learning workshop, includes meals, a pre-session orientation conversation, a post-session strategy conversation, a workbook, and parking. Group pricing is also available for 6 to 12 leaders from a single organization.

Interested in Shifting Your Leadership?

To learn more contact the Cramer Institute at 314.725.0500 or

Want to learn more about Lead Positive? Click here.

Here’s to bringing out the best in us all!

John Davis and Judy Dubin

Partners at The Cramer Institute