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Knowing Your Pitfalls (More Tips From Sally Hogshead)

According to bestselling author and branding expert Sally Hogshead, knowing your pitfalls is freeing. Once you know where you fall short, then it ceases to be a surprise. Rather, it’s a relief because you’ve freed up that mental space to focus on where you can really contribute.

Today I published Part 2 of my Lead Positive Profile with Sally on my Psychology Today blog.

Sally is a branding expert, bestselling author of the FASCINATE: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation, and natural Asset-Based Thinker. In part two of this inspiring Lead Positive profile, Sally talks about the impact her kids had on her perception of herself and her assets and a recent “a-ha” moment.

Below are some of the most inspiring quotes from the interview. For the full read, please go here. You can also click here to read part one. On the impact her kids had on her self-perception

“Kids tell you how the world sees you right there in real time. They’re not masking anything.”

On finding her optimal state

“Find those areas where you can add the most value and then subtract everything else.”

On acknowledging her disadvantages

“[Knowing your pitfalls helps] you to manage your own expectations and focus your energy on the areas in which you’re going to have the best possible outcome.”

To read the full interview with Sally, please visit my blog on Psychology Today. You can also follow Sally on Twitter @sallyhogshead. *SPECIAL OFFER! Sally has generously offered my readers access to the Fascination Advantage Assessment for free (value of $37)! Go to and enter the private access code KCRAMER.

Dr. Kathy Cramer

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