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The Call: Lead Positive The More Human Way

Lead Positive The More Human Way

With Dr. Kathy Cramer & Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie

A series of 6 webinars that will show you how your heroic journey can drive personal growth and help you reach your highest leadership potential.

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There comes a time in a more human leadership journey where something radically changes. Everything may seem okay on the surface, but there is a strong desire in you to move beyond the status quo. You just know there are better ways to solve the problems and counter the challenges facing your business.

You begin to see a new possibility, a new goal, or a new game-changing vision for your group or organization. You sense the imperative for a change that is connected to deeply held values and beliefs and personal aspirations.

You feel compelled to act, and make the critical transition from personal ambition, the “I”, to a leadership journey focused on the “We”, realizing the power of a united team rallied around a single Mighty Cause as a pathway to positive change in the organization as well as of amazing personal growth for the leader.

You’re at a critical crossroad. Are you ready for this heroic call to great leadership?

Renowned leadership experts Dr. Kathy Cramer & Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie have joined forces to present a six-part series on the heroic journey that awaits leaders who boldly tackle challenges and opportunities in order to achieve greatness for their organizations.

The heroic leadership journey calls upon Joseph Campbell’s narrative framework to help leaders see their paths forward and navigate the predictable (and unpredictable) head and tail winds. It consists of six phases:The Call, Resistance to the Call and Meeting Mentors, Threshold Crossing, the Journey, the Supreme Ordeal and Victory, and the Return Home.

(For more information, download Kathy’s E-book HERE)

It’s a great framework for leaders to create a narrative for their leadership and make a deep and fulfilling heart and mind connection – taking their leadership to a higher, and more human level.

Each webinar will introduce one of the the six phases and their importance and context to great leadership, and then Kathy and Terry will explain, using examples and exercises, how you can incorporate each one of them into your personal leadership practice and journey.

At the end of the series you’ll have a practical framework to take your own Heroic Journey to personal and professional success.

Dr. Kathy Cramer

Kathryn D. Cramer, PH.D.
Founder and Managing Partner, The Cramer Institute