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And then you’ll hit rock bottom …

The Supreme Ordeal is a critical moment in any legendary story — we hold our collective breath as the hero, whom we have become invested in, appears to die but then is born again. This moment is a major source of the magic of the hero myth.

For the leader, this is the time when you feel stretched beyond your limits. It will manifest itself toward the end of the journey but before your vision is realized. This means you will be a mix of tired, impatient, and ready for the pendulum of fate to swing your way. As such, this phase of the journey must be navigated with particular care and self-compassion so that you are motivated to go all in.

Whatever the form your darkest moment takes, it is only in dealing with it directly that transformation and victory is possible. As you reckon with your Supreme Ordeal you let old ways of thinking and operating die so that you can be reborn as a new, more effective leader. You embrace the tough decision or new belief that will push you to new levels of break through performance and toward realizing your vision.

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Dr. Kathy Cramer

Kathryn D. Cramer, PH.D.
Founder and Managing Partner, The Cramer Institute